Our Leadership

Jake Simmons

Chairman Delphi Construction

Jake is the Owner and Executive Chairman of Delphi Construction and is responsible for overall company strategy.

During Jake’s 20-year leadership tenure Delphi has grown to become a multi-market leader providing comprehensive construction management services to a long list of diverse clients in southern New England.

Keith Shaw

President Delphi Construction

As President Keith is responsible for overseeing all daily operations for Delphi Construction through Delphi’s team of Executives and Directors.

Keith has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry in project development and oversight, and in business operations. He has worked closely with Jake for more than 15 years in helping to deliver successful projects to Delphi’s clients and in managing Delphi’s continued growth and success.

Corey Heaslip

VP of Project Development

As VP of Project Development Corey is responsible for overseeing Client Development and Relations across the various sectors Delphi builds in. Corey works with both existing clients and prospective clients to evaluate their potential projects and whether Delphi is a good fit for their project as the Construction Manager or General Contractor.

With over 20 years of experience on the construction side, Corey leads Delphi’s Preconstruction and Estimating departments. In that role, he works closely with Delphi’s VP of Construction Ops, Project Executives, and Director of Preconstruction to ensure that projects are planned for success in meeting the goals of each project stakeholder.

Domenic Galluzzo

VP of Construction Operations

As VP of Construction Operations, Dom is responsible for the planning and field execution of Delphi’s projects.

As an industry veteran, Dom’s experience and strong leadership skills ensure that Delphi’s project staff is prepared to work as a team and Build Responsibly. Through detailed schedule development and management, site logistics planning, proper project staffing and supervision, strong project financial management and controls, strict subcontractor oversight, and good quality control Dom leads our construction staff in delivering the A+ projects our clients deserve.

Lindsay Dettenrieder

VP of Finance and Business Operations

As VP of Finance and Business Operations Lindsay coordinates and oversees Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Compliance, and Administration.

Through implementation of efficient processes and cost-effective systems Lindsay and her team are able to meet the current and future needs of the organization. Lindsay’s diverse skills and strong experience in systems management allow Delphi to function smoothly and efficiently to ensure that our staff can focus on what matters most, working with clients and trade partners in the successful completion of an A+ project.

Chris Thompson

Director of Preconstruction

As Director of Preconstruction Chris is focused on helping clients and architects work through the many challenges of taking a project from a concept to the “starting line” of actual construction.

With over 25 years in the industry, Chris has a broad and detailed understanding of cost and constructability, and a solutions-minded approach to project development. These abilities enables him to provide detailed cost analysis to ensure that what gets designed has the best chance of getting built. In continually helping to expand Delphi’s network of pre-qualified subcontractors, Chris and his team are able to get input from the key trade experts needed to ensure that projects are on the right path.

“As an organization, we recognize we are only as strong as our team. We work hard to be the kind of company where the best of the best want to come and build the career they’ve always wanted.”

-Keith Shaw, President, Delphi Construction