Delphi Construction specializes in Religious sector construction. From large historic church renovations to small chapels and religious living communities, we bring the care, personal attention and experience that ensure success.


Building Responsibly in the Religious Sector

Construction of churches and places of worship requires a level of personal attention that not every construction company is suited for. At Delphi Construction we take a highly personal approach when working with our clients in churches and religious organizations.

From the very beginning we take the time to fully understand the plan and purpose in great detail in order to ensure that the final physical structure is faithful to the original inspiration and honors the legacy of the institution.

We understand the demands that church building committees face in everything from budget limitations, to gaining consensus among stakeholders (including the congregation), to final sign-off on decisions. We come alongside to partner with our client and facilitate this process so that everyone feels informed and involved at every step, from initial pre-project planning through all phases of construction.

Our religious construction staff and project team is comprised of some of  the most skilled artisans and tradesmen in their field. Each with the experience, professionalism and sensitivity appropriate for work in a spiritually-oriented setting.

Most importantly, we understand that the life of the church cannot be put on hold during construction. We work closely with our clients on scheduling and phasing plans to ensure that occupied buildings remain as accessible as possible throughout the span of the project.


Our Services

Religious Market Experience:

New Church Construction, Church Renovation, Religious Community Construction, Occupied Phased, Renovation/Construction, Historic Religious Structure Renovation/Preservation

Religious Construction Partial Client List:

St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church, St. Christopher’s Church, St. Gabriel The Archangel Church, Sisters of Saint Margaret, Carter Memorial United Methodist Church, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington